hi! my name is roy, and i am the principal photographer at malabar photography. my passion for photography began when i was a child doing what children do: imitating their parents, in this case my dad. what began as an imitation transformed into a form of self-expression in high school when i learned to shoot and develop 35mm film, taking the gritty streets and characters of chicago as my muse. as i trained in anthropology in college and graduate school, my interest in photography moved beyond self-expression and into the domain of storytelling whereby the photos came to enrich the observations, notes and interviews i was collecting. only after integrating my identity as a social scientist and photographer did i begin to grasp the power of images, fulfilling the dual desires of self-expression and representation. with this newfound appreciation for photography, i began this business in 2016 after moving to the san francisco bay area from chicago by way of new york and baltimore with an eagerness to explore and build in my new home.

through photography, i aim to tell the stories that can only be captured through the refraction of a lens and the flip of a shutter—moments from the spectacular to the mundane that make up the ineffable beauty of life.

to create the best images, i insist on working closely with my clients from start to finish. generally, i prefer doing initial consultations in-person to candidly discuss clients’ needs and expectations in relation to what i am able to provide. but to give you a general sense:

i specialize in portrait and small event photography. if you need wedding photography for events with less than 200 attendees and you like my work, please reach out.

before the session or event, i will provide you with a general shot-list which we can then customize. if applicable, we can create a timeline.

about a week after your event, i will have some sample photos for you; within a 4-6 weeks, i will deliver the final edits by digital download or usb.

if that sounds good to you, please reach out through the form below. i will reach out within 24-hours to set up a time to meet up and discuss your project or event in more detail. Packages start at $1500.

thanks for visiting and hope to hear from you


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